Debunking 5 Carpet Cleaning Myths

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There are persistent myths about carpet cleaning that you have likely heard before, and some of them have actually almost ruined carpets due to neglect or incorrect advice. Your carpets are a valuable investment to your home that add comfort and style, so taking care of them properly goes a long way in maintaining their quality.

Debunking 5 Carpet Cleaning Myths

Here are five common carpet cleaning myths:

  • Carpet cleaning is only needed when there are stains. Carpets acquire dirt and residue that is not always noticeable. It’s important to have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once per year to make sure you get a deep clean, particularly if you have small kids.
  • I do not need to vacuum if I have carpet cleaning done. While carpet cleaning will clean much deeper than a vacuum, carpets should still be vacuumed regularly to remove crumbs, hair, and dirt.
  • Carpet cleaning will shrink my carpet. Professionals will make sure your carpet is cleaned appropriately and leave it as dry as possible, so that it will not shrink.
  • Carpets never look the same again after carpet cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning is very gentle while being very thorough. Having carpet cleaning regularly will actually keep it looking more like new.
  • I have my own carpet cleaner, so I do not need to hire a professional. Home carpet-cleaning machines do not usually have the same suction power as professional machines, so they are not able to completely remove all residue.

Scheduling regular carpet cleaning will ensure your carpets retain their quality while removing all dirt and residue that accumulates over time. We can work around your schedule to deep clean your carpets and provide a healthier, cleaner environment. Contact us today!