Is COVID-19 Disinfecting Still a Thing?

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The world has come a long way since 2020. From social distancing to wearing masks in every public setting, the pandemic was tough for everyone involved. But we got through it, thanks mainly to these measures and COVID-19 disinfecting. But considering lockdowns and mandatory mask requirements are almost a thing of the past, should disinfecting follow suit?

Is COVID-19 Disinfecting Still a Thing?

The answer is that there are good reasons to keep fighting the good fight. With so many pandemic restrictions lifted, COVID-19 disinfecting may never have been more critical. Coronavirus variants like Omicron are still out there and still pose health challenges to people and hospitals. We are constantly exposed to this health risk, whether at work or out and about. It’s also important to remember that other viruses are also circulating, so it’s wise to protect yourself from whatever contagious illnesses you may encounter.

Therefore, it’s essential that you keep your family safe from potential exposure. The best way to do this is regularly disinfecting your home’s surfaces. In particular, surfaces your family is in contact with often, like your kitchen countertop or tables, tend to be germ hotspots. Viruses usually multiply on these surfaces and can survive there for up to 5 days in some cases.

The best way to keep these surfaces virus-free is by getting professional COVID-19 disinfecting services. They are usually offered alongside other cleaning services like upholstery and carpet cleaning, which makes them a really convenient way to keep your home clean and healthy. And when done regularly, they minimize the potential for recontamination.

So yes, COVID-19 disinfecting is still a good thing for your home. It will keep your kids and pets safe and give you peace of mind. If you’d like to get started today, give us a call at Crystal Clean Delmarva.