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Restore the appearance of your flooring with our tile & grout cleaning services.

Of all the deep cleaning tasks that your home needs regularly, one that many people despise the most and would rather not do themselves is tile & grout cleaning. Just the thought of getting on your hands and knees to restore the appearance of the grout is enough to make anyone want to rip out the tile and install laminate instead. You won’t have to go to that extreme or even dread the task another day if you call us at Crystal Clean of Delmarva to have us do it for you.

Tile & Grout Cleaning in Dover, Delaware

We proudly serve Dover, Delaware and the surrounding communities with superior tile & grout cleaning services. The attention to detail we put into every project ensure that your tile floor will look like new again and you’ll have the heathier environment you want for your family. Speaking of healthier, we use biodegradable products that are safe for the entire family– kids and furry family members included!

Whether it has been a long time since you’ve had tile & grout cleaning done, you might think your floor is too far gone to be restored. Before you call a flooring company to replace it, let us take a stab at it. You’d be surprised what we can accomplish! We can also be there for you if you would like ongoing service to keep it nice. We are happy to schedule weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly appointments.

Our more than 25 years of experience ensure that our tile & grout cleaning services are safe for your tile and grout. In fact, we could actually extend the life of your floor by removing grit that wears the protective layer off as you walk on it. Reach out today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

FAQs About Tile & Grout Cleaning

While most people would prefer to avoid cleaning their tile and grout themselves, at it’s a labor-intensive chore, many people also hesitate to hire professionals to do it for them because they’re unclear on the expectations involved. To help you get over that hesitation, our team at Crystal Clean of Delmarva has put together this list of answers to frequently asked questions about our tile & grout cleaning service.

How often should I get my tile & grout cleaned?

We recommend having your tile & grout professionally cleaned every year, and you may want to do so more often if your floors are subject to heavy traffic or soil.

Why do I need professional tile & grout cleaning services?

The difference between routine mopping and professional tile & grout cleaning is similar to the difference between brushing your teeth at home and having them cleaned by a dental hygienist—the routine maintenance removes surface level dirt, but you need specialized equipment and training to remove the dirt deep in the cracks.

What should I do to prepare for tile & grout cleaning?

Prior to your scheduled cleaning session, we ask that you clear the floor of stray items and remove things like rugs, plants, or wastebaskets.  

What should I do after my cleaning session?

In order to get the best results from our tile & grout cleaning services, we recommend that you stay off the cleaned tile for at least half an hour. In addition, if we applied a sealant to your floors, do your best to avoid spilling any liquids on them for at least 24 hours.

At Crystal Clean of Delmarva, we offer tile & grout cleaning services in Dover, Milford, Delmarva, Smyrna, Camden, Magnolia, Felton, and Harrington, Delaware.


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