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To have the cleanest home possible, consider having vent cleaning done for the HVAC ductwork and dryer vent.

If you’ve been noticing that you have more dust than usual in your home or your family keeps having the sniffles, it could be dirty air ducts to blame. At Crystal Clean of Delmarva, we don’t just offer cleaning services for the dirt you can see, but also that which is hidden beyond view in the HVAC ductwork.

Vent Cleaning in Milford, Delaware

Vent cleaning isn’t just useful for reducing dust in your Milford, Delaware home and controlling allergens. It is also a necessary maintenance task for preventing damage or premature failure of the HVAC system. The equipment doesn’t like contaminants any more than your family does, because they make the system work harder. That also means you could be paying more for heating and cooling costs than you need to.

We also offer dryer vent cleaning services which are important for protecting your clothes dryer and for avoiding a fire. If the dryer vent gets clogged with lint, it can make the dryer overheat to the point the lint becomes ignited. If you have noticed that a dryer load is taking longer to dry than it used to, it is definitely time for dryer vent cleaning.

If you would like to schedule vent cleaning and dryer vent cleaning, along with any of our other cleaning services, such as carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, window cleaning, pressure washing, and window cleaning, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We have also added COVID disinfecting so you can have peace of mind that your home is a clean and healthy environment for your family.

At Crystal Clean of Delmarva, we offer vent cleaning services in Dover, Milford, Delmarva, Smyrna, Camden, Magnolia, Felton, and Harrington, Delaware.